March 18, 2009

May you be a half hour in heaven before the friggin' dog finds your chocolates...

Well the good news is that the leprechauns did indeed show up. The bad news is that they used the old trick of buying their way out of captivity with candy. So, we had 'em and we lost 'em, but the kids both ended up with traps filled with gold wrapped chocolates. I'd say the score stands at Kids: 1, Little Green Guys: 1.

The only down side was that the dog got into Sammy's pile of chocolates on his desk when no one was looking. Don't be alarmed though, we researched the effects of chocolate on a dog and the amounts required to do any damage and she was never in harm's way. To make up for the tragic loss I gave Sam my super-secret stash of foil covered mini-eggs and that seemed to smooth things over.

So, for those of you keeping track at home, the revised score is: Kids: 1, Little Green Guys: 1, Dad: 0. C'est la vie, as the Irish say.

Posted by Sean at 7:24 PM


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