March 6, 2010

Apparently, Albert Hammond had it wrong...

3:10 p.m.: Day two of the grand California adventure and things are going according to plan. I'm writing this in the air, en route to John Wayne Airport in Orange County. There is no wi-fi on the flight so I will post this, along with an update, when we get there later this evening.

The day started pretty well, albeit somewhat earlier than the time I had set on my watch. Everyone fell asleep last night remarkably easily, but we all ran out of sleep around 5:30 or 6. So, up we got, showers we had, breakfast we ate, last minute preparation and organization we did, and the airport shuttle we took. We ended-up at the airport about two hours before the flight was scheduled to take off, but that's okay, because might have otherwise missed the grumpy ass manning the main entry at airport security had we arrived any later. Officer Barky McJerkface of the TSA was snapping at everyone who came along about how if a single contraband water bottle or non-regulation pair of toenail clippers made it through his checkpoint, then, quite frankly, the terrorists win. I just nodded and said "yes, sir" and put my shoes in my plastic tub, praying to God he wouldn't find the 3.2 ounce bottle of liquid Imodium I had taped to the small of my back.

Boarding the plane was a breeze in comparison and we made it to Seattle with no hiccups, just a lot of excitement on the part of the kids. I'm talking palpable, leg shaking, talking a mile a minute excitement. "Gasps!" and "Wows!" from the first rush of acceleration to the last declarative bump of the touchdown. It was pretty cool.

We had about an hour in Seattle, where we spent $437.26 for four sandwiches at an airport snack bar. I have a feeling this only foreshadowed what eating in Disneyland will be like.

Anyway, as mentioned above, this is just one leg of today's journey and I'll update later on tonight.

UPDATE -- 7:57 p.m.: We touched down around 5:30 this evening after being batted around by some turbulence on the way in. It was pouring rain, but that didn't do much to dampen-see what I did there?-our spirits. The shuttle bus process was painless and we are now nestled at the HoJo's right across the street from Disneyland. We can actually see the Matterhorn from our balcony! The monorail has passed by once or twice as well...pretty cool. We opted for a quick McDonald's meal so we could get back to the hotel and settle-in a bit. Tired now, Sea World tomorrow!

UPDATED UPDATE -- 9:45 p.m.: The kids are both asleep and April and I just finished watching the Disneyland fireworks from our balcony. This has already been better than we had hoped!

Posted by Sean at 9:04 PM


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