March 9, 2010

Disney: Day Two (or Honorary Citizens of the World, Unite!)...

Well, after our close brush with the Disney cops yesterday, we were determined to keep our heads down and go in with everyone else like good Mouse people, but, try as might to blend in, we once again got to enter the park before the huddled masses. The only difference was this time we did it legally. We were first in line at our gate again, following our plan of attack with Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage as our first-of-the-day-line-beater. A gentleman in a Disney coat approached us from the other side of the gate and asked how many were in our family, we told him, and he asked if we would like to come in the gates a little early and help him officially open the park! We accepted the offer immediately and he cracked the gate, handed each of us an "Honorary Citizen of Disneyland" button, and let us slide through and take our positions in front of gate-after-gate of perplexed looking Disney-ites. At the proper time, after the pre-recorded spiel, we counted down from ten and shouted, "LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!!" and the crowds flowed in. Mr. Disneycoat then shook our hands, thanked us and sent us on our way. It was pretty awesome! (The picture to the left of this paragraph is the view from our vantage point as Honorary Citizens of Disneyland.)

The only downside of the the whole park opening affair was that it put us a few dozen yards behind the mob. We followed our pre-planned route, NOT through the main Tomorrowland entrance, which is the route all the suckers would take, but back around behind the Matterhorn, finding ourselves second in line for the ride. We got to talking with the family in front of us and it turns out they were there because they were using the RideMax software, too! It is a small world, afterall. (Incidentally, when we resurfaced and disembarked from our Nemo sub, the line for the ride must have had over 300 people in it. It's crazy!)

The rest of the day we devoted to catching as many of yesterday's missed rides as we could. The stand-outs were the Jungle Cruise, Autotopia (which I didn't go on when I was here as a kid), and the best ride of the day, Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters. The kids rode the Teacups (or Mad Hatter's Tea Party as it is officially known) by themselves because I'm pretty sure it would have been bad form for me to spew my sausage McMuffin in a 360° rain of bile on the other guests. We, went through It's a Small World which, oddly enough, I enjoyed way more as an adult than I did as a teenage boy...go figure. We also did a couple of FastPass trips through Indiana Jones and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Faces were painted and all was right with the world.

We had reservations for dinner at The Rainforest Cafe so we hopped on the monorail around 3:00 p.m. and headed for Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is essentially an extension of the Disney chain hotels housing outlets for a bunch of high-end retailers and Disney-branded stores. We walked around and shopped while we waited for our reservation time to roll around. It was particularly difficult to drag Sam away from the Lego® store, but we managed to lure him with the thought of animatronic gorillas. We didn't sit beside any gorillas, but we did sit next to Tookie, a baby elephant. Every 15 minutes or so Tookie would spring to life and wave his trunk around. There was also a simulated thunder storm every half hour or so. The restaurant really was pretty cool and the food was gigantic, effectively prohibiting anyone from finishing their meal. What it did not prohibit, however, was my ordering the Chocolate Volcano for dessert which we split four ways. Yum!

After dinner Chloe and I decided to call it quits and walk back to the hotel while Sam and April headed back on the monorail to take another run at Splash Mountain and Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin. Chloe was asleep by 7:00 and the rest of us were out by 9:30...another great day!

Tomorrow: No Mouse! (Sort of!)

Posted by Sean at 11:46 PM


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